Klubhuis: H/v Breyerlaan en Millstraat, Waverley



When travelling on the Pietersburg highway from Johannesburg's side:

1. Take the STORMVOêL offramp, and turn left (West) at the robot.
2. When reaching the Hardy Muller circle, take FRY road.
3. Travel north with FRY road, until it ends (T-junction) in BREYER ave.
4. Turn right (East) in BREYER, and travel on until you reach MILL street.
5. The MRK clubhouse is on the corner of BREYER and MILL streets.

When travelling on the Ben Schoeman highway:

1. Turn right (East) in SCHOEMAN street.
2. Turn left (North) in BEATRIX street.
3. Turn right (East) in SOUTPANSBERG ave.
4. Turn left (North) in C.R SWART ave.
5. You'll then reach the HARDY MULLER circle.
6. Follow the above mentioned 2 - 5.

From Rustenburg or Brits, via Van der Hoff road:

1. At the end of Van der Hoff road (Louis de Vaal interchange),
take the M8 Gezina/Mamelodi/Flowers street extension (North),
and travel over the "Mighty Apies river".
2. Turn left (North) in BEHRENS street.
3. Turn right (East) in TROUW street.
4. Turn left (North) in FRATES/PARKER road.
5. Turn right (East) in Michael Brink street.
6. Travel up to the Hardy Muller circle, and follow the
first-mentioned steps (at the top) from 2 - 5.....